Redesign Your Navbar

Yes now you can redisign your navigation bar completely and that too with just an app!!!

The app is "Navigate" you can download it from play store or from this link :
The app's icon
Note that '©TECHNOVATOR' is not there in the actual icon

Some of styles are:)

What it says in Google Play Store description-

Theme works on:
- OMS ROMs (custom Marshmallow ROMs with oms3 commits)
- Legacy ROMs (custom AOSP Marshmallow ROMs and Nexus stock Marshmallow/N preview)
  Theme will not work on CMTE ROMs

>How to use navigate?

0) For Legacy ROMs: Make sure you first delete vendor/overlay folder if you previously use layers on your ROM
1) Install Substratum
2) Install Navigate
3) Fire up the Substratum theme engine,grant Root and modify system settings permissions
4) Open Navigate
5) Select overlay manager
6) Choose the navbar of your choice from the drop down list
7) Scroll a bit down and hit the FAB with paint roller icon
8) Hit compile and update
9) Wait for it to compile
10) After successful compilation hit FAB again and select enable
11) Wait to system-UI to restart
12) Hurray!! you did it.

> How to change navbars

1) Jump over to navigate again
2) Select the navbar you waanna use
3) Repeat the steps from 7 to 10
4) After the system-UI restart new navbar is applied

> FAQs

1) What happened to layers Manager?
> Substratum has replaced it,although I've added support for layers manager as well
   so that people on LP can still use the app,but it won't be updated anymore